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July 20th 2023

A quick update on The Mook journey. My dad and I have been working hard in many ways. One of them being making stores are stocked. Many store don't really notice when they are out of stock surprisingly. I don't want to send customers to a store and them be sold out. That would end bad. I am noticing a great trend of stores purchasing more to have a larger back stock for less ordering. That is super  encouraging because it means they are moving fast.

Some not so great new though. I am starting to believe UPS and USPS have it out for me. Both companies have lost over 1000 lures in the mail, each. I may prevent us from being sold out of a couple color just in the nick of time by next Monday. 

The time needed for The Mook is growing more and more every day. Trust me, I love working on this with every once of my being but it is becoming a lot with work and maintaining personal relationships. I am praying and hoping I will be able to leave my current job and work on The Mook full time sometime soon. (I understand why businesses will cut payroll first.... so dang expensive)

On a much more positive note, we have been getting reviews much more often with happy fishermen and fisherwomen who are loving The Mook this season. People will message me on Facebook and Instagram about their trips and we love hearing all the stories. 

We have some unofficial news for you reader too. We are preparing to launch an epic clothing line. A SUPER AWESOME DESIGN (I'm so stinking proud of it) that will be on shirt and sweatshirt and also fishing apparel that is ideal for fishing performance. (Especially in this heat wave)

Thanks for checking in with us and reading the blog post. I truly love the community that is being built around fishing and the joy The Mook is bringing to so many. Feel free to reach out to us for anything!


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