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Called Out!

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Hello again!!

Wow it’s been a a rollercoaster since I last wrote. My dad mentioned that I was called out for not posting recently by a nice lady he met. (It is nice to know someone is reading these and is just as excited as we are) 

Well unfortunately I’m back at my day job these days but that didn’t stop The Mook growing one bit. 

The Mook Lure has made a HUGE splash since the start of the season. We are now having stores call us to stock our lure because of the growing demand from customers asking. Thank you to everyone. 

We are trying to expand our reach so if you know of any influencers in the freshwater fishing industry please let me know. That can come from popular fishing guilds to YouTubers. Or simply telling a friend about The Mook Lures. 

Also, more exciting news! I will be doing an interview with a radio station 1310 KFKA and 103.1 at 7am in Colorado aka 6am in California.  Saturday the 17th! I’m very excited to be on the show. Western Outdoor News has been extremely supportive in our venture. It’s a bit overwhelming in good way of the support that has been coming our way. All because The Mook Lure is working! Photos and stories are coming from across the USA catching fish.

My dream is to be able to quit my day job and work on The Mook full-time. One day hopefully sooner than later. I have been trying to be more active on our socials so if you haven’t already you can see more on Instagram and Facebook @MookLure

Thank you again.

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Russ M

There’s a YouTube channel Addicted Fishing. They are in the Pacific Northwest, and seem to have a pretty big following. I’d send them som of your lures!

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