Collection: Certified Mook Lure Tutorial

Want to obtain the best results with The Mook lure? Here are some instructions on how to based from past experiences.


  • Trolling Lead Core:  Basic Lead Core trolling is recommended.   12- 18 lb Lead Core line with  10-20’ monofilament leader.   The weight of the leader is your choice - we recommend 6-8lb.  Fluorocarbon lines are just fine. We recommend good old blue Stren. Knots used for backing to Lead Core and Lead Core to leader is the “double uni” knot.  This knot can be found on most Lead Core packing or on line. (UPCOMING) We will provide the double uni knot instructions.


  • Trolling on Down Rigger:  Use your normal set up for any bait similar to The Mook. Use a mid- range leader and have at it!


  • Trolling with monofilament :   Attach to desired line and let it go.   Can be used with Monofilament and a  Fluorocarbon leader.   We recommend 2-6lb Monofilaments and Fluorocarbons.  Leaders can be tapered to a smaller weight like in fly fishing


  • Casting:  Attach to your favorite line ( monofilaments or braided).  Again, we recommend 2-6lb