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June Lake Loop


April 27th, 2023

This trip to Eastern Sierras has been one for the books and it's only day 1 for myself. (My father lives here, I'm jealous) The day before opening day aka Fishmas. The lakes are very much still frozen, so the Eastern Sierra Opening Day will not be as crazy as the normal thousands of people showing up. Although, it has made going into shops a lot easier. We introduced The Mook Lures to some more local shops around the town. Within the week we are now in FOUR shops. I believe many of them already saw The Mook Lures online. It was incredible to hear that the word is spreading.

Ernie's Tackle and Ski was the first to carry The Mook Lures and we are very grateful for the opportunity they gave us to start off. They also carried EVERY single color since we opened the end of last season. Their team is close with my father as he sometimes will pop in the shop and help out with fishing questions for customers. I have a family photo at Ernie's when I was about 9 years old. (Gotta make the print digital to share)

Kittredge Sports and Crowley Lake General Store I met over the phone and showed them the new lure. They saw the unique design and the fact this lure was made in these waters, they were wanted to see how they sell and stocked them. 

The Kittredge Sports team was super excited about the lure while getting the store ready for opening day. We spoke with their fishing guy, Tyler, about tips on how to use the lure most effectively. As well, it was epic that Cory in Crowley Lake General Store was ready for the lures to come in with the pegs set up. These shops were overall incredible. Both stores were super organized and most of all friendly. (Shout out to the super cute puppy in Crowley Lake General store)

The most recent addition is Silver Lake Resort. The road to Silver Lake has been closed for all of winter but today the road was open. We went in and met the husband and wife that own the shop. (At least I believe so) My entire interaction with them and their team was pure kindness. I want to say they again. They were extremely kind and down to earth. I loved chatting and getting to know some of their team. 

My dad and I both in the beginning of the day, admitted we were very nervous about going into shops and talking about our lure. Not because of the lure but to make sure we get our wording correct because this is new for the both of us. The locals squashed that anxiety by being super welcoming and amped about the new unique bait to try out this season. I'm excited for the rest of my trip taking some time off from my full-time. Thank you again for the support and making it to the end of this entry. -Gavin Umstead

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