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Going All In!

Going All In!


August 2nd 2023

Whoa... These past few months have blown me away. I just completed our quarter two numbers to pay taxes... gross. On the bright side, I got to see our growth. This is continuing to encourage our venture. After we had a hiccup being sold out of the Brown Trout color, I decided to make a big move and stock up heavily. I am starting the preparation for the fishing shows we are attending in January through April. So therefor, I went all in and producing our largest order ever. Pretty exciting stuff. Hopefully we will start getting more stores requesting for our lures. I really want a reason to get custom boxes for our lures but it's currently not necessary. Although they look so awesome and would be helpful for stores back stock/ inventory. (Hopefully down the line I can announce we got them😂)

If we ever are out of stock on a product you want, I added a notify me feature. Pretty cool if you ask me! I finally took the time to create a 9 pack photo. It's been blank for a while. Whoops...

We are still putting together our larger size but being fulling stocked became a priority. Non stop online and in person I receive requests for a larger size. I promise, it's coming. I am sitting here at 1:23am putting together the parts for my dad to test out and fish with. 

Anyways, I am going to get some rest now. I am shipping out the orders we received this evening, tomorrow morning. Thank you again for following our story and taking the time to read this. Your emotional support is VERY appreciated. 

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Gavin Umstead 

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