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New Releases! Update


Our Pre-Sale for our new colors are posted and have been a huge success! We saw many repeat customer who wanted more! This confirms they love the first ones they purchased and wanted more. SO EXCITING. 

Another update is the trout Truck Tracker for California is online.

This lure is made for where this truck is going. It couldn't be a more perfect target audience. The Mook is sponsoring this new program and hopefully will bring more traffic to our website because we know the lures work so well.

My father Burt Umstead has returned to June Lake and the buzz is still going on about The Mook Lure! People are excited for our new colors and is ready to go fishing with them. It's been a long winter in the Sierras. Thank you again for Ernie's Tackle and Ski shop for being the first to carry ALL colors of The Mook Lures.

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