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The Mook Lure is starting to get the attention for many more in California as The Mook Lure was featured with a story in Western Outdoor News Magazine! This was super exciting for us and a huge accomplishment. We are have put in many steps to get more colors that we wanted to add since the start. Mid-March, here they come! Just in time for fishing season to start as well. Unfortunately the postal service lost a big chunk of our inventory that we are replenishing asap. Some of you have been requesting that color and we promise they will be back.


Our official blister packaging has been created! They are going to used for all the new releases! This will help with protection in shipping and become retail ready. Meaning..... drum roll. We are going to start wholesaling to retailers. We haven't yet but hopefully this is something that will be in our future soon. (If you know of anyone with a tackle shop PLEASE email me)

Besides that I have been simply trying to perfect my shipping methods and trying to gain more traffic to our website. I really believe that because this lure is working so well that The Mook Lure business has opportunity to grow.

Thank you for everyone who has supported in any way. Even a follow on instagram or Facebook is a huge help.


Gavin Burt Umstead 3/2/23

The story of The Mook Lure article in Western Outdoor News

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