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ALL 12-Pack - The Mook Lures - 1.5"

Regular price $126.00
Regular price $144.00 Sale price $126.00
ALL 12 Pack - The Mook Lures - 1.5" - Premium Spoon 1.5" Lures from The Mook - Just $126! Shop now at The Mook
Regular price $126.00
Regular price $144.00 Sale price $126.00

This item contains All 12 colors of The Mook Lures 1.5"

Striper - Slasher - Dotter -Nav Pink - Nav Green - Nav Orange - Shoppy's Sherbert - Blue Striper - Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Nickel and Brass 

“The Mook” fishing lure that started it all.

This is the original Mook Lure design. Each lure has been hand assembled to perfection.

Tried and thoroughly tested, Burt  “Coach” Umstead has been constantly improving The Mook for over 5 years to find the best shape, designs, and color. The Mook’s unique design with two ‘qlickers’ above the hook create a noise that make the fish bite all day. Just check out the Photo Gallery to see the amazing results! "Get The Mook, Get Results"

The Mook lure is 1.5” long and weighs  1/5 oz or 6 grams. Perfect for trolling and casting. 

Hammered Nickel Spoon and Hammered Brass Spoon are both available. Both variations have brass hammered Clickerz.


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