Collection: FAQs - Tips and More!

Frequently Asked Questions - Tips and More! 

1. Do you recommend trying directly on the line or putting in on a snap swivel?

-We recommend using a ball baring snap swivel. We just started offered these in our store as well. In the description you can see which size will best work for your type of fishing. 

2. What is the weight of the spoon?

-5 grams for only the spoon. 6 grams for the entire lure.

3. What kind of fish do these target?

-Trout is what we were targeting while making the lure but now we have seen a huge range of freshwater fish across the US.

4. Will you be making a larger size?

- Yes we are! It takes a a lot of time and effort but know it is in the works.

5. What is your recommended speed for trolling?

-We recommend 2mp but that can fluctuate due to winds. Every body of water may be a bit different but this is out go to speed.

6. If I am starting which lure color do you recommend. 

-I highly recommend the Striper alone or the 3 pack. Those are the colors we started with.